Every day, sophisticated new virus, spyware, spam and phishing threats emerge to threaten personal/business data and business operations.

At Big Cloud IT we are able to offer solutions to protect individual PC’s/Laptops and Servers and enterprise protection including security appliances that stop viruses, spyware and spam etc. before they reach your network. Many of our customers use a combination of hardware and software solutions which offers the best possible protection. We have a range of solutions suitable for all businesses.

Backup solutions

We understand how important business data and systems are to our customers. Big Cloud IT has a range of data backup and business continuity solutions that automatically preserves and protects business-relevant data assets against loss from file, device, and location based disasters.

We can ensure you can fully recover all data and systems fast. Big Cloud IT's backup solutions range from standalone PC protection to enterprise data replication both onsite and offsite. We can also implement business class cloud backup for small businesses at great prices.


Today’s diverse IT infrastructures require customised data protection solutions, from data encryption to full disk encryption to a hybrid of both.

Big Cloud IT's encryption solutions protect Windows and Mac operation systems from stand alone to enterprise servers and workstations through policy based encryption. We can even protect smartphones and mobile media like USB pen drives and external hard disk drives.

We are able to offer virus and malware protection, data backup, business continuity, encryption and cloud Backup services to businesses in Swansea, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire and West Wales.


We needed a backup solution that we could rely on to ensure business continuity if something was to go badly wrong with our IT systems.

Big Cloud IT supplied and configured a continuous data protection backup system and system recovery solution to protect our business data and availability of essential business systems

Rod Lerwell General Manager Neath & Port Talbot Recycling Ltd

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